Floating Products

Floating Products

Proven floating technology and solutions

Our floating solutions are ideal for areas which are at least partially protected from harsh sea conditions. There are several advantages of a floating real estate and a floating property, but we believe the most significant are that there is all around access to exceptional views, no on-site construction is required and you have full ability to relocate the property when desired.

Our floating solutions are fully manufactured and commissioned offsite leaving only mooring and infrastructure connections to the final site. For mooring we have several environmetally friendly options available that are easy to install and remove if needed leaving no footprint behind. 

Our products are hybrid products that combine all the required marine regulations and local building codes to the full satisfactory of the national authorities. Offsite tested and commissioned products can either be connected to existing grid and infrastructure or work completely autonomously using integrated or centralized utility kits for power generation, desalination and waste treatment. 

Case by case our marine structures are optimised to meet the prevailing local environmental conditions and our patented technologies for guest comfort are verified by the World’s leading marine classification societies. 
Floating properties are largely ‘normal buildings’ which require only normal maintenance. There are a few marine-specific tasks associated with maintaining the pontoon and these are quite similar to the activities required to own a boat or yacht. However, our unique designs are such that these tasks will need to be performed far less frequently in comparison to traditional watercraft.



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