Towards Eco-Friendly Marine Solutions

Protecting the natural environment is at the core of our work. It’s the main driver behind the development of our technology. We continually seek to have a greater understanding of the relationship between our technology and the environment with the goal of maximizing the net positive effect of our impact. This is our route to more environmentally friendly marine solutions.

Energy self-sufficient products at sight

When designing floating solutions, we focus not only on technical functionality but also on solutions by which we can reduce the unit’s environmental impacts throughout its life cycle. Most of the unit’s environmental impacts are generated by energy consumption and cooling. Therefore, we have made major investments and product development work for energy efficiency.

The floating real estate solutions are not sea going vessels and therefore do not require energy for moving and manoeuvring. There is a great potential in going into fully energy self-sufficient solutions, where electricity is generated by solar panels. Additionally heat pumps use water body to ensure both heating during winter and cooling during summer.


Carbon neutral manufacturing next

Together with our parent company MEYER Group we are aspiring fully carbon neutral manufacturing by 2030, demonstrating our commitment to environmentally friendly marine solutions and sustainable offshore structures.



"We are aiming into fully energy self-sufficient solutions with all of our products"

Kaj Casén - CEO

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