MEYER Floating Solutions is a construction technology company that is disrupting the conventional real estate development industry with innovative overwater solutions. Born as a joint venture between MEYER Group and floating real estate pioneer ADMARES Marine the company offers a vast potential for the global construction industry. The company has background from highly efficient shipbuilding and process oriented offshore industries which are considered as forerunners in modular technology for decades. The benefits of modular construction have demonstrated its ability to be cost effective against traditional methods, and has led to financial savings and reduced disruption on site. While the benefit of lean shipbuilding process shows us that it could help to reduce the time used to build a ship, rather than using traditional ways of constructing ship and thus, eliminate unnecessary waste of time and money.

MEYER Group is an international consortium with three shipyards in Papenburg (GER), Rostock (GER) and Turku (FIN), as well as other subsidiaries and companies of MEYER Group. The consortium employs directly about 7,000 people.
ADMARES Marine delivered several iconic overwater projects between 2016–2021. Projects such as the Burj Al Arab overwater terrace extension, World's largest floating villa and multiple smaller private villas showcase that the turnkey solutions guarantee greater returns for developers, shorter project timelines and minimal environmental impact.


We love waterfront lifestyle and with our technology we can allow people and businesses to access prime waterfront properties in new innovative and sustainable ways. There are several advantages of a floating property, but we believe the most significant are: 1) Incredible 360-degree views 2) Calm and peaceful atmosphere 3) Minimum land usage with no foundation works required 4) Flexibility to relocate to another location if market conditions change 5) Speed of manufacturing and installation 6) Reduced risk of damage from flooding 7) Higher resale value.


All of our products are manufactured and commissioned in professional manufacturing facilities offsite minimizing any work needed onsite. Our floating properties are largely ‘normal buildings’ but we work closely with the shipbuilding network in Europe that have been considered as forerunners in modular technology for decades.

We are an ISO 9001 (Quality Management System) and ISO 14001 (Environmental Management System) certified company that demonstrates our dedication towards continuous improvement and responsible environmental management.



MEYER Floating Solutions delivers a completely new technology allowing real estate to be built on water, either floating or built on offshore piling. The Company provides services from feasibility study and concept development phases all the way to manufacturing, commissioning, delivery and after-sales servicing. The design-built units can also be made completely self-sufficient, utilising independent infrastructure including power generation, desalination plants and sewage treatment. From residential custom-designed private villas to commercial hotels, piers, beach resorts, islands and complete cities MEYER Floating Solutions’ highly specialized and innovative technology allow properties to be build on water. This capability to go beyond land limitations with a self-sufficient floating alternative offers massive potential for new real estate development opportunities providing the ultimate privacy and luxury experience to discerning customers.


MEYER Floating Solutions is headquartered in Turku, Finland and surrounded by the Finnish maritime cluster. In 2018 the total turnover in the network of some 2,000 companies was estimated at 14.3 billion EUR and it employed nearly 50,000 people. The company is also represented in Italy and United Arab Emirates. In addition to the state-of-the-art parent company production facilities in Papenburg (GER), Rostock (GER) and Turku (FIN) the new company will benefit from the efforts of several partners who are involved in the construction process of the ships.


MEYER Floating Solutions is continuing to pave the way in the floating solutions market started by ADMARES Marine. ADMARES Marine delivered several iconic overwater projects between 2016 - 2021 worth over 100 million EUR. These high-quality and advanced-technology project deliveries provided proof that this innovative concept is successful and that it lives up to our customers’ expectations and satisfaction. These projects have received significant global media attention that has led to a massive amount of inquiries from all over the world. MEYER Floating Solutions has a solid project portfolio offering truly ground breaking building solutions.



To create sustainable lifestyle opportunities on water.


To create the most compelling marine real estate company by providing customers with innovative solutions on water.