Innovative living on water – with floating and pile-supported products

Our unique designs combine the ultimate in luxury with time-tested marine design standards and best practices. This produces floating real estate properties which will provide years of well-appointed comfort and reliable service.

Depending on your site properties and planned use of the property, we have categorised our products into two main categories

  • Floating Real Estate
  • Pile-Supported Real Estate

Both options provide all the same services and amenities that are available in real estate constructed on land while simultaneously offering the additional experience of being on water and all around access to exceptional views.

Explore our advanced marine technology, where each design incorporates cutting-edge solutions to ensure your floating real estate experience is unparalleled.

Floating Products

Floating Products

Discover the advantages of our innovative floating technology. Our floating solutions are ideal for areas which are at least partially protected from harsh sea conditions.

We believe that the most significant advantages of floating real estate and a floating property are:

- access to exceptional views all around you,
- no on-site construction is required,
- you have full ability to relocate the property when desired.

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Pile-supported products

Pile-supported products

Pile-supported structures provide exceptional option for products in more exposed areas. Ideal solution for existing hotels or resorts with limited space available on land to extend business opportunities on water.

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