Supervilla 81

Supervilla 81

Luxurious Floating Villa Ukiyo

Capturing the ‘barefoot luxury’ of coastal living. Rejuvenating experiences and a play of contrasts. A constant connection to nature with dramatic spatial experiences. A private island with floating gardens to provide a sense of scale and broader ownership. Seclusion and privacy features landscape shelters for family and guests, and reveals amazing views. Utilising the manipulated topography to house service & more private zones beneath. With additional custom elements upcoming owner can make the design personal and be an expression of the owner‘s identity and needs.


  • Internal Area 1.454 m2
  • 241 m2 Owner’s Wing
  • 5 Luxury Suites with walk-in closets
  • Double Storey Volumes
  • Access by Car and Yacht
  • Ultimate Safety, Security and Privacy
  • Architectural design by SAOTA
  • Interior design by ARRCC
  • Other amenities: Club and lounge, Spa and gym facilities, Hair salon, Living room with indoor and outdoor dining, Fully equiped Kitchen, Movie theatre, Terraces, Swimming pool, Hot tub, 4 staff cabins, Staff living room, Air conditioning, Guest lift, Swimming & Sunbathing platforms, Boat store for 2 jetskies, seperate BoH area for staff movements.


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