Ultra luxury

Ultra luxury

Floating Hotel provides all the same services and amenities that are available in hotels constructed on land while simultaneously offering the additional experience of floating on water and all around access to exceptional views. A Floating Hotel is a viable option for areas where land is scarce, fully developed or challenging to develop. 

Floating Hotel can be tailored to meet the exact needs of the operator in terms of the number of rooms, types of restaurants, number and location of pools, placement of balconies and terraces, which can all be altered to suit the purpose. The exterior architecture is fully customizable to suit the location’s surroundings.

The advantages of a floating hotel vs. conventionally constructed hotels include:

  • Flexibility to relocate to another location if market conditions change.
  • Speed of construction - starting from 10 months.
  • Minimum land usage with no foundation works required.
  • Site environmental impact eliminated.
  • Higher quality due to indoor modular construction.
  • Less waste and energy during construction.
  • Reduced risk of damage from flooding.